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Naamloos - Presentation
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In week 3 we have to presentate the sub-culture we choosen.

I found 2 very intresting sub-culture in the East: Harajuku and Cosplay. both sub-culture belongs to Japan. And unfortainly i can;t choose those 2 sub-culture because it;s in the East.

So i have to search more sub-culture. What i got: Gabber, Punk, Gothic, Skater, Urban and Hippie. After a reseach i make 2 moodbaord for 2 sub-culture. The skater and Urban.



The presentation take 3 min each student. after the presentation Bartel gave me some feedback and some good advice. Skater en Urban is to meanstream. so i have to search deeper into those sub-culture and find something new.

For the Urban i found breakdance. there are many styles for breakdance. so i did a reseach for the breakdance. Omer helped with the reseach. what i found was Poppin, Lockin, and Krumplin.

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