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Naamloos - Week 4 Consult
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Week 4 Consult12/3/2009

After the presentation, i have to make a reseach about the 3 groups: Poppin, Lockin and Krumplin. It was very hard to find information about those 3 groups. After a few hour i finaly found some good information about poppin. i also did some reseach about lockin and krumplin. the diffrent between poppin, krumplin and lockin are: poppin you move your upper body more, it's almost like a 'shoke' (robot) dance and it's very stiff. Lockin is very smooths and you will use the whole body. Krumplin is a very wild dance. it's very difficult to discribe.


Poppin Link:


Lockin Link:


Krumplin Link


The consult

During the consult i was able to choose 2 diffrent sub-culures: the skater with the long board and Poppin (urban). i have to find a third concept for the presentation.

I also asked Bartel what he can expect form us for the 'Wood' presentation. it's almost the same. we have to present the 3 choosen sub-cultures in 3 min. and also to choose 1 of the 3 sub-cultures what we prefer.

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