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Naamloos - A few day's before 'Wood' presentation
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A few day's before 'Wood' presentation19/3/2009

So now i have 2 sub-cultures: The skaters (Longboarders) and the Urban (poppin)

To know more about these 2 sub-cultures i made some desk reseach. I've collect a lot of information about these 2 sub-cultures. After the reseach i went to the street and also to my neighbour. I've interviewed a few people.


The Skater - Longboard

Because i made some desk reseach i know a few things about the sub-culture. so it was easier to have a chat with my neighbour. I asked him a couple question about the longboard and about him self.

He also told me when he goes to other coutries he want a country with hills and mountains, because then he can cruise or going downhill with his board. And also he goes with his crew to other countries to have a race with them.

After the chat i went home to make another reasch about this sub-culture, and after that i was start with the 'Wood' presentation.


The Urban (poppin)

Also for this sub-culture i made some desk reseach first. Because my girlfriend dance i went to a workshop with her. i did that because i want to make contact with some 'poppers'. in the beginning i was a bit shy, but after 20 min a asked a guy some question about 'poppin'.

he told me that he combine 'poppin' with 'lockin' (also a style dance), because then you got better. The most of the people battled with eachother. this is because they want to earn some respect from other dancers and dancestyle.


Because i live in 'Rotterdam' i know where i can find some streetdancers, poppers, lockers, etc.. the place where they dance outside is: 'Schouwburgplein'. they dance there because there are light (spotlights) and also a great underground (it's have to be smooth the underground). so i went there at the night on saturday and have a little chat with a few guys.

i askec him why they dance, when they started, why they choose for this dancestyle and why are they dancing outside. The battled all the time, and what the important thing is: they want to diss other dancers/dancestyle and earn respect of them. I was there for a 1hour. after that i went home and finshed my 'Wood' presentation.


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